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Sire of the Supreme Champion Ram Canberra Royal Show 2016


Ulandi Park 120178 "Supreme"


Supreme Champion Ram

Adelaide Royal Show


Purchased for $15,000


Latest Lambplan ASBV's 

Top 10% for Tenderness


Ashmore 160395


Great Breed Type with Growth Muscle and Fat


Latest Lambplan ASBV's


The Package


Ashmore 160336


Growthy Ram with Great Structure, Shape and Type




Latest Lambplan ASBV's


New White Suffolk for 2016


Old Woombi 160165


Purchased privately

Industry Leading Sire Semen sold to four states.


Latest Lambplan ASBV's


Derrynock  140033 


Purchased for $17,000


Latest Lambplan ASBV's

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